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Title Sheet Site Plan Site Details

Dumpster Enclosure Floor Plan Schedules

Handicap Restrooms Reflected Ceiling Plans Roof Details

Elevations 1 Elevations 2 Structural Notes

Foundation Plan Conveyor Plan Conveyor Details

Upper Beam Plan Roof Framing Plan Building Section 1

Building Section 2 Section Thru Tower Wall Sections 3

Structural Details Electrical Plan Plumbing Plan


  1. The Drawings shown above are NOT a complete set, just samples of some of our work from one specific project. A standard set of Architectural Construction Drawings (Blueprints) includes all Architectural, Structural Engineering, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineering drawings required for constructing a project. This often totals to 40 Drawings or more for an average car wash.
  2. We do NOT include Civil Engineering nor Landscape Architect drawings in our design contracts. These two design trades need to be contracted directly by the Owner to local design professionals in the project area. For those planning to build inside the State of Florida, we are able to provide names and contact information of excellent design professionals that have worked with us on numerous projects.