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Our companies are well established, multi-faceted architectural, design, planning, interior design, engineering, and consulting firms able to tackle any design challenge to fulfill our client’s dreams. Passionate about architecture, we specialize in creating eye-catching, innovative, and highly functional designs that satisfy all of the requirements and expectations of our clients. Possessing expertise in all aspects of engineering, we know how to design structures and systems that work well, are energy efficient, and easy to maintain. Finally we are fully aware of the importance of a budget and know how to work within its constraints, while still delivering good functional designs.

The highly skilled and versatile design professionals on our Staff are fully capable to take any commercial, residential, or institutional construction project from the initial conceptual design stages to complete highly-detailed architectural working drawings ready for construction in a quick and efficient manner. Over the last 30 years our companies have successfully completed several thousand projects throughout the US (primarily in the States of Florida, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and countries in both Central and South America. We have designed a wide variety of projects including large residential housing developments, multi-million dollar beach-front homes, luxury resort hotels, multistory office buildings, upscale retail shopping centers, large churches and religious facilities, and a large number of new and renovated car washes facilities.


Architectural Concepts International and Vicenza International Design both specialize in developing building projects featuring "Green Sustainable Design" architecture. By utilizing special building materials and equipment, design techniques and building practices, we are able to create cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly and sustainable buildings with low Carbon footprints. The technology and methods utilized can be applied in a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential, and depending on the scale of the project can be cost-effective even in a relatively short-timeframe in terms of energy savings. Some materials and techniques used can also accelerate the speed of construction, thus lowering building costs.

We have especially applied "Green Design” techniques in all of our Car Wash projects, where we have utilized several tried and tested technologies. The one with the greatest environmental impact is in Water Reclaim technology. This features high-tech cleaning and filtering electronic units, underground separating tanks, and innovative plumbing designs, that in combination can recover, clean and reuse up to 85% of the water in the washing process. We also have designed systems to capture and store rain water to use in the washing process, and ones that utilize the partially cleaned “grey” water for irrigation systems.


Architectural Concepts International and Vicenza International Design can provide a wide scope of architectural and interior design, site planning, engineering, and many other types of consulting services to our clients. Some of the Services we can provide include:


A good set of Architectural Construction Drawings (a.k.a. Blueprints) is essential for any type of construction project to be built correctly, be on-budget, and to be completed on-time. Our design professionals know every single plan, detail, note, and specification required to be on Drawings to clearly explain exactly how to construct a new or renovated project correctly. We have an outstanding track record of producing excellent, highly-detailed Drawings that will make it easy for any general contractor to understand and give them the exact information they need to get it right the first time, saving you time, money, and a lot of frustration. We take a great deal of pride in our excellent Drawings. It is the main product we produce for our clients, and the most important item required to build any type of construction project. To view samples of our Drawings from a recently completed project, click on the button below.