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January 2012

In early January 2012, up-scale "Fast Eddy's Convenience Stores" opened their first gigantic "super-flex" car wash/quick lube and convenience store/gas station location in the city of Meridian, a major suburb of Boise, Idaho. Designed by, this outstanding state-of-the-art car care facility is located on a large 4 acre corner parcel of a major intersection in the city next to a major high school and the primary interstate highway through the region. Poised to dominate the local market, this facility delivers a level of quality and service unmatched in the Boise area.

The facility's main features include an eye-catching drive-thru greeting building with triple POS pay-gates (by DRB), massive 16,010 sq. ft. car wash/quick lube building with 134 ft. conveyor and all electric MacNeil wash equipment, 16 car capability inside via a drive-thru after-care garage, Broadway automatic waxing machine, 3 quick-lube oil change bays with Devon equipment able to handle the largest RV's on the road, and two very luxurious customer lobbies with huge windows to view all of the action. Located behind the building are a total of 22 free vacuums utilizing Vacutech vacuum units and their unique curved metal frames and canopies. Across from the main building is a huge up-scale 5,600 sq. ft. convenience store/gas station with a drive-thru restaurant and 16 gas pumps.

Unquestionably the finest and largest car wash/quick lubes in the northwestern US or anywhere else in the world; this outstanding new facility sets the standard for excellence in car care. Not satisfied with just one, Fast Eddy's has plans to build another 4 of these massive facilities in the near future throughout the Boise metropolitan area. The second will start construction in May 2012. Photos of the first facility are posted on our website. Fast Eddy's also is building a number of stand-alone convenience stores/gas stations with roll-over and self-serve car washes in other locations in the Boise area.

December 2011 is proud to announce the opening of a new service for our clients called ARC-Tech Accelerated Depreciation. This new company produces fully-engineered Cost Segregation Studies for businesses. These highly detailed Studies provide Owners of Car Washes, Quick Lubes, Convenient Stores, and other Businesses to legally save substantial money on their Federal Income Taxes. This will immediately generate significant new positive Cash Flow for businesses, and put money back into an owner's wallet.

This legal IRS-approved method allows Owners of Commercial Properties to legally accelerate depreciation on their new and existing Buildings and Facilities, resulting in significant reductions to the property Owner's Taxable Income levels. The resulting Studies are an excellent Tax planning tool to determine exactly how quickly an Owner should be depreciating their property.

For more information of exactly how much your Company can benefit from this outstanding new service, please visit ARC-Tech Accelerated Depreciation's website at, or call them at (888) 524-1121.

November 2011

In the November issue of Auto Laundry magazine, the feature article "Design Challenges - Three Car Wash Case Studies" appeared. The article was written by's two principals. In addition, one of the new car washes appearing in the article was also featured on the Cover of the magazine.

The magazine article dealt with some of the design challenges of developing new car wash facilities, utilizing three car washes our company designed as examples. All three washes were difficult at the initial design stages due to a variety of reasons. These include the shape of the property, existing utility easements, building setbacks, landscaping requirements, and ingress/egress to the site. The article explains how our design staff was able to overcome these challenges and deliver excellent car wash layouts and building designs.

The complete magazine article and photos featured in Auto Laundry can be accessed in the Published Articles section of this page located above.

CanDo Business Ventures, a Charity organization for individuals with Autism, has teamed-up with to create a new chain of car washes across the country. This new chain of washes will be called "Rising Tide Car Wash". They will be franchisable environmentally-responsible car washes centered around providing employment for people with Autism. The most interesting aspect of the chain is that each franchise will be owned by the operators with Autism and/or their legal guardians using a non-profit structure. Each Rising Tide Car Wash location will be scalable, have high exposure in the community, and provide employment for people with Autism through easy to learn and repetitive labor. Rising Tide will have strong enough profitability to support a community of people with Autism through housing and living assistance. The basic design will include a full-service or flex car wash design, an optional quick lube, optional retail/professional center, and on-site living facilities, community center, and dining facility for all of the operators. CanDo Business Ventures develops and deploys purpose-built businesses that are centered around providing employment for people with Autism that will be owned by the operators with Autism and/or their legal guardians. For more information concerning this and other CanDo projects, please visit their website at

October 2011

Palms Car Wash, a successful chain of car washes based out of Austin, Texas, has started construction of two new major car wash facilities designed by in the city of Austin. The first project is to convert an existing express/self car wash facility into a flex wash. This was accomplished by designing a large new after-care (full-service and detailing) facility and free-vacuum spaces on a new property adjacent to Palms Car Wash's existing Brodie Lane/William Cannon location.

The existing car wash buildings will also be renovated, enlarged, and modernized with new equipment installed. The new detail and free-vacuum spaces' unique system of tubular steel frames was also designed by our company. Once completed, this new after-care facility will be the finest of its type in Texas and provide new services to car owners not available in the Austin urban area. Completion is estimated in May 2012.

The second project is a very large state-of-the-art new "green" flex car wash facility located on Highway 183 North in the city of Austin. This outstanding new 2-story car wash with 130 ft. conveyor has a very unique and eye-catching modern design, and packed-full with the best wash and vacuum equipment available on the market. The car wash equipment is from MacNeil, and vacuum systems by AutoVac. The new detail and free-vacuum spaces' unique system of tubular steel frames was also designed by our company. Once completed, this new flex wash will unquestionably be the finest and most unique car wash in all of Texas. Completion is estimated in June 2012.

September 2011

In the October/Fall issue of Southeast Carwash Association (SECWA) magazine, "The Wash Street Journal", the feature article "The Process to Build a New Car Wash" written by was published. The article was a synopsis of the step-by-step process our company utilizes everyday to develop new car washes projects. Broken down into 7 easy steps, the article describes the entire conceptual, design, engineering, construction, and start-up process in simple layman's terms in a short and concise format. While not totally encompassing in scope, it provides a good framework for anyone to follow to build new car washes.

The complete magazine article and photos featured in SECWA's The Wash Street Journal magazine can be accessed in the Published Articles section of this page located above.

August 2011

Free Vacuums Car Wash, based out of Davie, Florida, has finished construction of a new express car wash facility designed by Located in the South Florida city of Miramar, this very attractive new car wash features a lot of road-appeal, a 92-foot conveyor, Sonny's equipment, and 16 free vacuum spaces for customers. Painted with bright earth-tone colors and featuring an interesting undulating barrel-tile roof line and building shape, this new express wash is now the finest wash facility in the entire city.

Free Vacuums Car Wash continues to expand its chain of washes throughout the South Florida region. is currently working on the design of a large new flex wash for their company in the nearby city of Sunrise, Florida. Full-color renderings of its design are now posted on our website.

July 2011

This year the annual SECWA Regional Trade Show and Expo was held at the Swan and Dolphin Resort Hotels in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The Show had excellent attendance with quite a few car wash industry companies showing off their products and services. We at attended and had a booth on the Expo floor right next to Vacutech. This was our first year at this Show. Our company plans on having a booth at next year's SECWA Regional Trade Show and Expo Convention as well. We hope to see you there.

May 2011

In early May the International Carwash Association's annual Car Care World Expo took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the first time the show was held at a new venue, the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Attendance was outstanding with several hundred car wash industry companies showing off their products and services. The 2 principals and several of the staff from attended and had a booth on the Expo floor.

This was the busiest show we have attended to date for our company with our staff speaking to over 900 different individuals and companies. It also was the 4th ICA show has had a booth at. We already have our booth space reserved for the 2012 ICA Convention in May 2012, located just across the aisle from MacNeil's exhibit space. The annual ICA event has now been renamed "The Car Wash Show". We hope to see you there in 2012.