About Our Company

The Leader in Professional Car Wash Design

We are a well-established, award winning, multi-faceted architectural, planning and engineering design collaborative able to tackle any design challenge to fulfill our client’s dreams and requirements. Our versatile staff of design professionals are fully capable to take any commercial or residential construction project from the initial design stages to complete architectural working drawings ready for construction. We have extensive experience in working with all types of construction, including concrete masonry, steel frame, wood frame and prefab, and understand how to properly design for extreme cold or warm environments. Our staff can also provide a wide-range of professional Construction Administration services.

Highly experienced and versatile, our staff has successfully completed thousands of projects over the last 30+ years throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and countries throughout Latin America. We also have provided design and consulting services in numerous countries in the European Union and the UK. Our talented diverse staff has designed a wide variety of projects including large residential housing developments, mega-churches and schools, luxury up-scale homes, resort hotels and condos, major restaurants, multistory office buildings, shopping centers, and of course a very number of Full-Service, Flex and Express Car Washes.

Our design team is exceedingly proud to note that some of our very best and most interesting car wash design projects have been selected to be in major industry magazines such as Auto Laundry News, which alone has featured our projects more than a dozen times. Appearing as both the main article in the issue and featured on the main cover, our car wash projects were selected due to their innovative, highly functional and attractive designs that have proved to be very highly appealing to potential customers, helping to get them in the door and to keep them coming back again and again. Needless to say our clients have been extremely happy with the overall success and curb-appeal of their projects, and even more so with their bottom-lines, as witnessed below.


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