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CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: (561) 212-3364


Our professional and highly experienced staff at Car-Wash-Architect.Com and our associated architectural and engineering firms are able to provide complete architectural design, planning, engineering, construction and a wide variety of consulting services for clients in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Brazil, and most other countries in Central and South America. We are professionally licensed throughout the most of the United States and Canada (State licensing information available upon request), and have architects on our staff licensed to practice in several other countries in the Americas. We also can provide a wide array of professional design, architecture, engineering, and consulting services to most other countries worldwide.


When you are considering to a build a new car wash, renovate an existing one, oil change, or do any other type of commercial, residential or industrial project, please feel free to contact us. We offer an initial free consultation on a wide variety of architectural, engineering, and other types of design projects and are ready to discuss your new project with you in depth. Please utilize the e-mail form below to contact us. Fill out all of the requested information as completely as possible along with a brief description of the scope of your project.


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