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We are a well established architectural, planning, interior design and consulting firm able to tackle any design challenge to fulfill our client’s dreams and requirements. Our versatile staff of design professionals are fully capable to take any commercial, residential, or institutional construction project from the initial design stages to complete architectural working drawings ready for construction. Over the last 30 years our company has successfully completed several thousand architectural projects throughout the US (primarily in the States of Florida, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania), in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and countries in both Central and South America. We have designed a wide variety of projects, including large residential housing developments, multi-million dollar beach-front homes, luxury resort hotels, multistory office buildings, upscale shopping centers, and of course numerous Full- Service, Flex and Express Car Washes.


We design a large number of car washes annually. Our office has successfully designed over 140 new and renovated car washes projects to date, and consistently have a number of car wash facilities either under design, having the final plans drawn, being reviewed at building departments, under construction, or just recently completed and now open for business. Our extensive car wash experience allows us to quickly deliver an outstanding and highly functional car wash design to meet any client’s requirements in a short timeframe. We have an excellent track record of getting the job done right the first time, and possess an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the car wash business.


Our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of designing and supervising the construction of new and renovated car wash facilities has made us the LEADER in the industry. Our office has built a design team combining our architectural talent and skills with some of the best structural, mechanical, and civil engineering firms in the Southeastern United States, all who have worked with us on our car wash projects and possess a thorough knowledge of the mechanics and complexities involved in designing them. The architectural and engineering plans we produce are extensive and highly detailed, covering every aspect required to construct a car wash correctly, rapidly, and within budget.


Our firm specializes in appealing, innovative and highly functional car wash designs that are both very attractive and eye-catching to potential customers, but do not cost a fortune to build or to maintain. Our expertise in this highly specialized field of architectural is illustrated by the numerous outstanding and innovative car wash layouts and building designs we have produced that increase productivity while reducing labor and management costs, thus increasing an owner’s all important bottom-line. We are able to create a wide variety of architectural designs and styles to fit any owner’s requirements and to achieve that sought-after unique appearance to get your car wash noticed.


Now the reason to contract us to design your new car wash project is simple. We at have the experience and expertise required to get the job done right the first time around, saving you time, money, and a lot of frustration. After designing over 300 Car Washes and more than 15 years of experience doing them, you can be insured that we will deliver an outstanding and highly functional site layout, eye-catching building design, and accurate and detailed engineering, all placed in a very professional and easy to understand set of blueprints that will make construction a snap. If you are new to the industry, we can consult you on nearly every aspect of your business including selecting the right property, determining the type of wash best suited for you, and choosing the right equipment manufacturer that will fit your requirements. We also can assist you in ways to reduce your workforce, improve service and curb appeal, and enhanced management techniques. Contact us today so we can start to make your dreams become a reality.


"...I own and have constructed 7 car washes for myself using several architects in the process. Needing new and innovative designs for my new locations which to excel our company against my competition, I searched the field of Architect's and met the folks from 2 years ago…. I was and continue to be very impressed with the high quality of their blueprints, expertise in the industry, and friendly staff…. They have now designed 2 new washes for me, and will be doing all of my car wash projects in the future..."

Russel Moore, Palms Car Wash, Texas

"...As both a car wash owner and building contractor, I've built all of my car washes myself. The plans and design I received from for my latest wash are the best I have ever seen…. A highly-functional layout and great-looking building that will certainly bring in the customers…. And the outstanding blueprints made building it a snap…. I highly recommend them to any car wash owner..."

Steve Faiella, Free Vacuums Car Wash, Florida

"...As a contractor who has built 3 large car washes designed by, I heavily recommend them.... Outstanding designs, very detailed and professional blueprints, and an extremely knowledgeable staff.... They made my job a lot easier, and we finished all 3 car wash projects on time and within budget..."

Stuart Browning, Motor City Car Wash 2 & 3/Jupiter Inlet Car Wash, Florida

"...It was an absolute pleasure working with on our new flex wash located in Rivera Beach, Florida. Their staff's level of expertise, attention to detail and professionalism were all extraordinary. The firm clearly went above and beyond from concept to completion, and Chris Crawford's guidance was immeasurable and his availability commendable. We highly recommend them for any car wash project you may have..."

Darrell Peterson, Blue Heron Car Wash, Florida

"...The staff at exceeded our expectations from concept to completion of our new car wash. We had very high expectations in regards to cost, timing, logistics, and design. was consistent throughout and delivered a quality product in usefulness, design, and appearance. We plan to use them for future development projects as we grow our business..."

David Raidman, WadaWash Car Wash, Florida