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Our design professionals at can provide a wide scope of services in the car wash industry for our clients, ranging from a simply consultation and feasibility study, all the way to completely designing and constructing a new turn-key car wash facility ready to open for business. We recognize that many new and even experienced owner-operators are not fully aware of all of the steps and the extensive work it takes to open a new car wash, and especially to get it done right. We however at do, and we will be there every step of the way to assist you in making your dream become a reality.

Our vast architectural and engineering expertise in the car wash industry eliminates most of the problems and delays typically experienced when building brand new facilities, or renovating existing ones…. AND our value-engineered, highly functional but still very eye-catching building designs will both save you money initially, and increase your bottom-line in the long run. Some of the outstanding services we can provide include:

In addition, our office can also provide the following services upon request:


Car Wash facilities are some of the most complex and difficult to build small commercial buildings in the market today, requiring significant electrical and plumbing systems not found in other buildings, not to mention unique design features NOT understood by most architects. A good set of Architectural Construction Drawings (a.k.a. Blueprints) is essential for any type of car wash project to be built correctly, be on-budget, and to be completed on-time. Since we specialize in car washes, our design professionals know every single plan, detail, note, and specification required to be on the Blueprints to clearly explain exactly how to construct a new or renovated car wash facility correctly.

We at have an outstanding track record of producing excellent, highly-detailed Architectural Construction Drawings that will make it easy for any general contractor to understand and give them the exact information they need to get it right the first time, saving you time, money, and a lot of frustration. We take a great deal of pride in our excellent Drawings. It is the main product we produce for our clients, and the most important item required to build any type of construction project. To view some samples of Architectural Construction Drawings produced by our office for a recently completed new car wash project, click on the button below.


Building a new car wash facility can be confusing, complicated and down-right frustrating. Even operators with a great deal of experience in the industry often have problems. We at deal with this everyday and our expertise can make it easy for you. To better understand the “Process” to build a new car wash, our office has created an easy to understand synopsis of the step-by-step process we utilize to build one. Eliminating most of the stale, professional jargon utilized by many architectural or consulting firms, we will describe the entire conceptual, design, engineering, and construction process to you in simple layman’s terms in a short and concise format. For your new car wash project, our staff can provide excellent professional design and other services that will address each step of this process. To view The Process to Build a New Car Wash, click the button below.